Recent work


I've been working with Whitney Johnson on think pieces for LinkedIn, Medium, and the launch of her new book, Build an A Team.

You can see the articles on Medium here:

An Extraordinary Changemaker

3 Actionable Tips to Self-Disrupt and Get Unstuck

I'm also a new contributor on the Munchkin blog

You can see my articles on Munchkin here:

7 Ways to Get Your Kids in Nature More

Tips, Advice, and One-Liners to Help You Make Mom Friends

We're having a....

Did you know I host a podcast called Little Things? Since October, I've published 16 episodes all about creativity, tech, and motherhood and how they fit together. This means I talk about

*copy writing and building a flexible career to create a lifestyle I want

*what it's like working from home with three kids; my schedule

*my favorite apps, kid's gear, and products for small space living

*my favorite recent purchases from Target and Costco

*Pop culture talk about new books, funny twitter feeds, and The Bachelor

*personal essays on motherhood that (I hope!) uplift and encourage other parents


Recently, my husband and I found out the gender of our fourth baby. The second I got back to the car, I turned on a voice recorder app and recorded my immediate thoughts. It's my most popular episode yet. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I recommend using the PocketCast app to listen to podcasts. It's worth it! To find Little Things, open the app, search "Little Things" and hit subscribe. Or you can listen to Little Things from your browser here.


February Sabbatical

Anyone else feel the rush of 2018? January seemed to last forever but I couldn't seem to slog through my list of resolutions and get myself in order. Something about holiday travel really threw me off balance and I feel like I'm still recovering. I've never done this before but I'm trying something: I'm taking February off from client work. No freelance writing, no client emails, no nagging push in the back of my head. I feel the need for a break and I feel lucky to get to take it. So far the time I'd otherwise reserve for work is taken up with rest, kids, and winter sunshine. Not bad. Hope to throw in some introspective journal time in there, too. And a trip to Palm Springs won't hurt either. :) I talk a little more about my work break on this week's episode of Little Things, if you're interested.

Thanks as always for following along!


Merry Christmas!

I just had to get on and put up a little post to say Thank You for your support of my new Little Things podcast. You guys are the best! It's been a fun experiment to teach myself something new. I admit I'd be happy making it, even if no one listened, but I'm overjoyed that friends actually are. So Thank YOU!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and wonderful New Year. xo